Hospitality Construction

At Team, we are much more than the "every-day" general contractor. Between the three partners of our group, we have over thirty-five years of experience in hospitality development and construction across nearly $1 billion worth of projects. We know construction, and we know hospitality. Our edge in this business is a 'True Owner-Oriented Approach', for we’ve been the Owner and we ‘get’ how the project should be run. Team views all aspects of the project from a long-range context and troubleshoots forecasted outcomes before they affect the bottom dollar or the bottom date.

Working in Open Facilities

Most hospitality renovations occur in open hotels. As such, Team is no stranger to staying out of sight and managing crews to uphold a high standard of excellence. Appearance and conduct are key – which is why we require our crews to wear identifying shirts/badges, protective gear per OSHA standards, and maintain the utmost respect for hotel staff and guests. Team understands the standard work hours of the industry and we work with each property to set the level of expectation upfront.

Full & Focused Service

Some contractors specialize in one type of hospitality property. At Team, however, we excel in any property-type. Whether it be a prototypical road-side hotel, a unique boutique property, or a resort, Team takes the extra steps necessary to ensure your project is carried out appropriately for its setting, that the quality of the work meets or exceed expectations. The appearance of the property is of paramount concern, even while it’s under renovation.

Fast Track Scheduling

Team understands the value of time in this business. Hotels make money when they're full, and when areas are out for renovation the bottom line suffers. Before each project begins, we take time to understand the client’s expectations, discuss possibilities of schedule, get creative on phasing, and figure-out the best possible way to achieve our goals. Team has set record with the brands on fastest conversion, and is always looking for way to improve our efficiency.

High Finish Installation

Whether its painted-walls or slab-aligned marble, carpet flooring or granite tile, Team always provides top-quality workmanship. Completing high-finish areas requires a discerning eye; a level of detail that is a cut-above. With master carpenters on staff and detail-oriented project supervisors, Team builds-out areas ranging from $30 - $300 per square foot.

Exterior Improvements

Team is not just an interior renovator. We work with building specialists around the country to carryout facade reconfigurations, roofing, sitework, landscaping, utilities, new structures, and more. There is no need manage multiple contractors – Team can do the project in its entirety.

MEP Coordination

There is nothing worse than an unsightly floor drain in view of the guest, or an absence of power or plumbing when equipment is being installed. Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing systems bring spaces to life, yet all too-often their operation and cohesion are misunderstood. Team fully comprehends how MEP system interface with each other, and we spend time with our tradesmen coordinating everyone's responsibilities before the work begins.

Commercial Design-Build

Through its hospitality experience, Team is extremely well qualified to execute most any size project in the Retail, Multifamily, and Light Commercial building sectors. Hotels have Restaurants, Retail, Multifamily, Conference Centers, Gymnasiums, Central Plants, not to mention complex structural, building envelope, and technology systems. Team is licensed and bonded in 20+ states, and we are ready to take on the challenges of your project, whatever they may be.